NEW! Dragon's Gem
Bookish Zoe is feeling lonely and left out by her more party animal-minded roommates. But a change in fashion leaves her feeling a lot more confident...and scaly.
[F/solo, TF (human to anthro)]

Christmas Sweater
Emmy has never been a big Christmas person, especially when forced to attend her office's kitschy "ugly sweater party." But things take a turn for the seasonally appropriate when she's convinced to put a certain sweater on...
[F/solo, TF (human to anthro)]

Performance Review
A human accountant in his first job out of college is called into the office of his cobra boss for a one-on-one meeting. Strictly business, of course, and what's better than hypnosis to keep the company wheels turning smoothly?
[Hypnosis, human/anthro, m/f, cum inflation]

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