Performance Review

Timothy's first job was very nice.

Or at least, he knew it should be nice.

Imagine getting a gig like this right out of college-- Northern Accounting Solutions wasn't a large national company, but it had a strong foothold in the local business scene, the starting pay was great, the offices were close to home, and he had a whole parking spot just for him...

And the office culture was great, too! In fact, that's how they'd advertised themselves-- a great, cooperative office culture of supportive and friendly humans and furs.

But he couldn't shake the feeling that something was...weird.

It sounded strange to say, but his coworkers seemed almost too happy, too cooperative. Timothy had never thought such a thing could exist, but the way they all agreed with each other, no arguments, no dissent, was kind of unsettling.

And the way they talked about the boss, the hushed, almost worshipful tone when she was mentioned, the way everyone's first thoughts always seemed to be whether something would meet with her approval or not...well, it was natural, wanting to keep the boss happy, but surely she couldn't be right all the time.

The boss, Ms. Ingles-- or, rather Christine. "Oh, call me Christine! We don't do formal here, we're all friends!" That had been the first thing she'd said to him. She was certainly very friendly, and very knowledgeable. A reasonable leader, which, from what his friends at their own first jobs were telling him, was a rare thing indeed. And, Timothy had admitted to himself in the privacy of his own apartment, it certainly helped that she was a very striking woman-- a handsome purple cobra who towered above everyone else in the office when she reared up onto her tail.

And yet...there was something strange about her too. About the way she spoke to her employees-- almost...maternally, as though they were silly children she was humoring. And the way he caught her looking at him sometimes. There was something in her eyes-- a kind of hunger.

So Timothy was more than a little nervous when, after a few weeks of work, he saw an email from her in his inbox, requesting he meet her in her office at two o' clock, after lunch.

"Why the long face?" Rick asked as he walked past Timothy's cubicle, third coffee of the morning in hand.

"Ms. Ingles--"

"Christine," the rabbit corrected him patiently.

"Sorry, Christine wants to meet with me in her office after lunch." Timothy fidgeted anxiously with the corner of his mousepad. "I hope I'm not in any kind of trouble."

"Trouble? Nah, don't worry about it. Christine meets with people like this all the time-- she likes to talk with each employee individually each month about their performance stats. You know, reports completed and all that. You're new, so she probably wants to get a l-- a tail up on everything by starting early."

"Ooh, Timothy, are you getting your first performance review?" said Misty as she walked behind Rick. The mouse's front teeth showed as she smiled at him encouragingly. "Don't worry, you'll do fiiiiine! We all were just talking about what a hard worker you are!"

Timothy tried to return the smile. "Thanks, guys, I appreciate it…"

Two o' clock arrived.

"Hi, Timothy!" Macy, Christine's human secretary, said brightly as he approached. "She's all ready and waiting for you-- head right in!"

"All right, thank you..."

Timothy shuffled nervously through the door.

"Ah, there he is! Come inside and shut the door, please."

Christine was seated behind her desk, but she rose up with a smile as Timothy entered.

"It's good to be able to have some one-on-one time with you-- I'm sure your coworkers have mentioned that this is going to be a look over what you've accomplished so far with your time with us, yes?"

"Um, yes, that's right," Timothy said, shifting uncomfortably. All the chairs in the office were stacked up against one wall. Where was he supposed to sit?

Christine slithered out from behind her desk, and then turned around, fiddling with something he couldn't see.

"I have to say, I'm quite pleased with your work here so far," she continued. "However, there is a great deal of room for improvement! According to the records here, it's obvious that you've been devoting entirely too much time and attention to your accounts and reports, and far too little to my cock."

"I-- I-- what?" Timothy spluttered in shock and disbelief.

"Yes, I've gone through all your performance reports, and I think you'll quite agree that all those silly spreadsheets have been sucking valuable time away..." She turned around. "From this."

Christine had unzipped her skirt, and grasped firmly in her hand...was her cock. Big was an understatement. Long, thick, more than any human could ever hope to boast. Bulging out at the bottom and top, then tapering to a smooth pointed tip, and already slick and dripping...

Timothy felt his jaw drop.

Okay, he thought, Stay calm. Your boss is sexually propositioning you. The first step here is to turn around and sprint out the door, the second is to contact HR to let them know th-- Why are you still staring at it? Stop staring! Look away!

Timothy looked up...and into Christine's eyes. They'd...changed. Instead of the familiar flat yellow and slit pupils, they were filled with rippling rings of golden color, shimmering, shifting, drawing him inwards…

"But don't think I've called you here to chastise you, Timothy," Christine continued calmly. "On the contrary, I want to work with you to find out we can improve here. Which is the best solution for both of us, don't you think?"

"" Timothy blinked and swayed slightly, still staring into her eyes. "Yeah..."

There was something that struck him as odd about this situation, something not quite right, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it. And, well...she was the boss, and you had to do what the boss said, right? And hey, she'd said she wanted to work with him and help him. That was good, right?

"Good. I'm glad we do agree," Christine said. She worked her skirt and panties down to her tail, and then flicked them aside casually. "You see, Timothy, the problem here is that you've yet to accept your place in this world as a mammal." The serpent slithered forward towards her employee.

"As prey. Do you see?" Her eyes never leaving Timothy's, she drew closer, her belly scales sliding across the carpet. "It makes sense, doesn't it? I'm a reptile, you're a mammal. In the wild, I'd be an apex predator, and you'd be my prey. Submissive, weak. So it certainly stands to reason, considering what a powerful influence our subconscious instincts have on our everyday behavior, that this dynamic should also apply to our relationship here in the office, shouldn't it? I mean, I'm sure you've already heard it said that the business world is very 'Laws of the Jungle' "

"Nnn...uh..." Timothy's groggy brain struggled to process so many words at once. Why was he feeling so fuzzy? "I, uh..."

Something about this was definitely not quite right. Prey? He wasn't prey, he was just some regular guy...all that stuff that she was talking about was totally in the past, right? Evolutionary history. Even if she was the boss, they were still equal…

"I...uh...nn...nnn..." Timothy tried to push the word "no" out of his confused lips.

"Oh, you don't have to speak," Christine said calmly, leaning down so she could stare directly into his glazed eyes. "I can see you absolutely agree. It's so nice to find a sensible person like you-- in fact, I like sensible people who agree with me so much I filled an entire company with them, isn't that lovely?"

"Um…" Timothy blinked again. Well, it was pretty nice in the office, with everyone getting along, no arguing or anything-- of course that must be due to everyone agreeing with the boss. An efficient system. And of course he agreed with her too, about all that stuff she'd been saying, right? Even if there were parts that seemed to be a little we--

"Focus, Timothy," Christine said firmly. "We're here to talk about your performance, remember? Agreeing that you should submit to me is a good start, but we still have lots to talk about. Isn't that right?"


"I said, isn't that right?" Christine took Timothy's chin in her hand and made him nod. "Good, good, you agree. Now that you've accepted your place, we can turn to the matter of my cock. I'm sure you'll understand that a cock like this deserves no less than worship, correct?"

"Um...right, yeah..." Timothy was feeling very confused right now, but Christine had said they were in agreement, so whatever she was saying must be right.

The serpent smiled. "Good, good. Well, Timothy, I know you want to improve the way you work here at Northern, and there's no time like the present! Why don't you just undress for me, and we can get started."


Timothy's shoes went first-- he slid them off his feet without breaking eye contact with those beautiful patterns of color. His pants followed, kicked aside to join Christine's skirt in the corner. Then he looked down to undo the buttons of his shirt...

...And blinked hard.

Wait, what am I...why am I...

The combination of the deeply ingrained taboo of nudity and looking away from those hypnotic eyes was enough to jolt him almost awake, his brain trying to grind back into gear.


Christine tsked in disapproval. "Hadn't pegged you for much of a fighter. As much as I'd like this process to be of your own volition, I actually have a meeting at three that I just can't reschedule, so unfortunately I'll have to...speed things up a little..."

With one continuous motion, she seized Timothy's shirt and ripped it open with a sharp jerk, sending buttons flying. Another little tsk.

"No undershirt? Such a silly boy, now you'll have to dry-clean twice as often...look up here, Timothy. Look up at me, into my eyes..."

Timothy's head bobbed for a moment as he tried to fight the urge to obey; a thin whine of effort escaped his lips. Christine bared her fangs in irritation.

"Timothy, I'm sure we both agree that looking up is the best course of action in this situation."


Agree. That was right, they agreed with each other. That was very was right...he had to....look...up...

Timothy moaned softly as his eyes met hers and a fresh wave of mesmerising power overwhelmed him.

"There we go, good boy. Now let's just get the rest of this off..."

His pants and underwear followed his shirt, yanked off and tossed aside. Timothy shuddered as his cunt was exposed to the cool air-conditioned atmosphere of the little office, then shuddered again as Christine patted his head.

"Good, good, we're making progress! Being nude in front of me is a very important part of this process, Timothy. Can you guess what else is a very important part of worshipping my cock?"

"Unh...nnn..." A line of drool traced its way down Timothy's chin as he tried to think through the fog. "Ummm...h...horny..."

"Oh, good, so very good!" Christine said, clapping her hands in delight. "That's one hundred percent right, Timothy! The prospect of serving and worshipping my cock makes you incredibly aroused! I'm so glad we can come to the same conclusion here-- great minds think alike!"

"G-great-- unnHH!" Timothy moaned loudly as a throb of needy pleasure ran through his clit and down into the very base of his cunt. Oh, they both were so right, he was so horny right now-- though he couldn't look away from those perfect eyes, he knew his boss's cock was right there in front of him, huge and dripping and amazing...he could tell right now that just standing here was already getting him soaking wet.

"Oh, this is going just wonderfully!" Christine trilled. "Well, I don't see any reason why we should linger here..."

The violet snake reared up onto her thick, muscular tail and seized Timothy around the waist, lifting him into the air easily. A quick spin around, and before he had time to breathe, he was in her arms, being held up above the drooling tip of her cock...

"Ready?" she whispered into his ear.

"" Once again, Timothy no longer looking into her eyes afforded him a brief burst of almost-lucidity. He squirmed slightly in Christine's grip. "Wh...whuh..."

"Good, then we can get started!"

And with that, she began to lower him downwards...

The first few inches weren't bad-- they were narrow, tapering, and they slid into Timothy's slick cunt easily. Then the first bulge hit him, and he let out a gasp as his entrance was forced open wide. Oh, it was so much, expanding his hole almost to the point of pain--

The gasp was followed by a loud whimper of despair as his temporarily reawakened brain remembered just how big she was, how it would only get worse from here...and indeed, even as the first bulge finally passed into him, he could already feel the shaft widening again...

"Hush, prey," Christine purred.

"Cuh...can't..." Timothy panted out, voice breaking. "'S...unh! T-too muh-huch...oh God--!"

"Shhh," the serpent repeated in that silky voice. She coiled her flexible neck around so that suddenly Timothy was staring into her gaze again. "It's because you're not relaxed, Timothy. Look deep into my eyes...and relax..."


A shiver ran down the helpless human's spine as he sank under the waves of pleasant haziness rolling over his mind. He felt his body relax, just as commanded...and felt his boss's cock slide deeper and deeper inside him...and oh, it didn't hurt, it felt good, it felt so, so--

"--wonderful, the best thing you've ever felt," Christine crooned into his ear. "Such a good boy, you can do it, you can take it all for me..."

Timothy moaned as his pussy was stretched to its limit, bit by bit, the relentless progress of her cock filling him inch by inch, pressing the spasming muscles aside easily, his clit throbbing with pleasure, demanding more, more...

Until his ass was resting right against the smooth scales of her belly.

Timothy twitched and drooled, hanging limp in Christine's arms for a moment, his aching cunt totally stuffed, the bulge of the huge snake cock inside of him clearly visible. His eyes now reflected the patterns of Christine's own, his mind totally surrendered...

"Ohhh, what a good boy," Christine sighed as she began to slowly thrust in and out. "Mmph, so's been so long since I've had some fresh meat..."

The office filled with the sloppy sounds of her cock sliding in and out of Timothy's soaking pussy. Each firm motion send her enormous member rubbing against his swollen clit, making him spasm and moan in pleasure.

"O-oh fuck-- m-ma'am-- nnnnhh--"

The heat overwhelming his body sapped all his strength-- only Christine's strong arms were keeping him upright now.

"See, now, isn't this so much better?" the serpent crooned, even as she ravaged her prey's cunt even harder, sending a series of loud moans from his lips. "Such a wonderful use of your time and resources— mmm— benefitting the entire company...because when Mama Christine is happy--"

A series of extra-hard slams into the human, driving him almost to the edge of orgasm.

"Everybody else gets to be happy too, isn't that right~?"

"Y-yuh-yessss!" Timothy wailed out. "Ah-- need-- c-cum-- hhah--!"

"Oh, you-- ooh-- you want to cum already?" Christine panted out. "Greedy boy!"

Her thrusts sped up, taking Timothy closer and closer, until he was too lost to pleasure to even beg, only noises of animal desperation escaping his throat.

"Go on, then-- cum for me, sweetie."

"Nnnnhhhaaaa!" Timothy's entire body convulsed as she struck some place deep inside him that sent him into the most intense climax he'd ever had, his cunt clenching down hard on his boss's cock.

"Ooh," Christine gasped, "Y-you're lucky I have that meeting l-later-- oh-- oh-- OH--!"

She gave a loud cry of triumph as her own body reached its peak. The serpent's great cock throbbed and twitched inside Timothy as it pumped an endless stream of thick cum deep into his womb, stuffing and filling him just as her cock had filled his pussy, until his belly swelled outward and what he couldn't hold was dripping out of him and down Christine's tail.

Feeling his body stretch to its limit once more, feeling himself full of more cum than he could take, totally fucked and used, drove Timothy into a second orgasm, even more powerful than the first; his eyes rolled back into his head and his tongue lolled out of his mouth as it washed over him in wave after wave after wave...

Christine waited until the human stopped shaking before sliding him off her cock and into the coils of her long tail, cradling his taut belly carefully. He was totally limp now, face slicked with drool and eyes still repeating those mindless patterns-- she had the feeling they'd stay like that for some time.

"Good boy," she purred, "Isn't this so much more proper?"

"I think I'll make you a permanent acquisition-- I'm sure you're going to fit in with our little team just wonderfully."

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